Advance Parole Document for Individuals Who Are Currently in the United States Parole allows an alien to physically enter into the United States for a specific purpose. An individual who has been “paroled” has not been admitted to the United States and remains an “applicant for admission” even while paroled. DHS, as a matter of discretion, may issue an Advance Parole Document to authorize an alien to appear at a port-ofentry to seek parole into the United States. The document may be accepted by a transportation company in lieu of a visa as an authorization for the holder to travel to the United States. An Advance Parole Document is not issued to serve in place of any required passport.

WARNING: The document does not entitle you to be paroled into the United States; a separate discretionary decision on a request for parole will be made when you arrive at a port-of-entry upon your return.

WARNING: DHS may revoke or terminate your Advance Parole Document at any time, including while you are outside the United States, in which event you may be unable to return to the United States unless you have a valid visa or other document that permits you to travel to the United States and seek admission