16 Jun

Adjustment of status package

Filing the adjustment of status form I-485 requires more than filing the form. You need to make sure you are putting documents relevant to what actually entitle you to file the I-485 but also some other forms such as I-765 (EAD) and sometimes I-131. This video only cover the form I-485 adjustment of status.

15 Jun

How is a USCIS interview Conducted.

Many are fearful when they receive an interview notice. However, in some cases the interview is just part and parcel of the application especially when it is a marriage petition. You should be prepared but not fearful. In case you have issues such as criminal convictions, marriage issues or just to feel safe, it is…

14 May

Student Visa Directly to Permanent Residence

The permanent residence directly from a non-dual intent visa such as an F1 is very possible although it comes with a lot of strings attached to it mainly the ability to lose the F1 student status. While there are possibilities, this video analysis the issues attached to filing a direct greencard while on a student…

23 Apr

Affidavit of Support

How to deal with an affidavit of support form I-864. The affidavit of support is an essential element in most marriage petitions, parents and sibling petitions. It covers the ability for the sponsor to be able to financially support the beneficiaries in case of sponsor getting government help. Note that there are exceptions and someone…

23 Apr

Advance Parole

Advance Parole Document for Individuals Who Are Currently in the United States Parole allows an alien to physically enter into the United States for a specific purpose. An individual who has been “paroled” has not been admitted to the United States and remains an “applicant for admission” even while paroled. DHS, as a matter of…

23 Apr

Interview Tips

The immigration interview can be very stressful. This video covers tips on how an immigration interview is conducted at the USCIS office. Re-enactment of an interview – marriage fraud interview

23 Apr

Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate is important when filing for spouse petitions, and some parents petitions. It is therefore important to procure a marriage certificate or secondary evidence to prove the marriage such as affidavit of marriage.

23 Apr

Birth Certificates

This podcast covers situation where there is no birth certificate issued for the individual who is applying for immigration benefits. Note that the information is provided for educational purposes only.

23 Apr

When do you need an Advance Parole?

If you have a pending adjustment of status and you want to travel, make sure you have an approved advance parole (AP), form I-131 document, before you leave. Failure to do that will result in abandonment of your adjustment of status.

23 Apr

Immigrant Visa

What are immigrant visas? Immigrant visas are those visas which give you a permanent residence instead of just an authorization to work. They can be based on family petitions, employment petitions, investment or humanitarian petitions. Examples are the Family Immigration 1. Marriage Petitions 2. Parents Petitions 3. Sibling Petitions Employment Immigrant visas 1. EB1 Visas…

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