15 May

A step by step guide how to renew your permanent resident card

This video covers the steps of renewing your expired permanent resident card (green card). Note this is only for those filing for renewal of the the 10 year greencard not removal of conditional residence.

23 Apr

Retain Green Card

Traveling on your permanent residence card can actually be problem if you overstay too long in your trips. As such, it is important to make sure that you maintain the ‘greencard’ while traveling. This presentation cover the issues related to maintaining your greencard while traveling.

22 Apr

Fillable Forms

USCIS FORMS ARE FREE: Download them on this site (forms can be filled out using the latest version of Adobe Reader.) ┬áDon’t pay anyone for copies of our forms. Don’t forget to sign your forms! Failure to sign will result in rejection. Evidence: When submitting a form, send copies of your evidence unless we request…