Most citizens of participating countries* may travel to the United States for short visits without a visa through theVisa Waiver Program.

Participating Countries

AFlag of Andorra AndorraFlag of Australia AustraliaFlag of Austria Austria

BFlag of Belgium BelgiumFlag of Brunei Brunei

CFlag of Chile ChileFlag of Czech Republic Czech Republic

DFlag of Denmark Denmark

EFlag of Estonia Estonia

FFlag of Finland FinlandFlag of  France France

GFlag of Germany GermanyFlag of Greece Greece

HFlag of Hungary Hungary

IFlag of Iceland IcelandFlag of Ireland IrelandFlag of Italy Italy

JFlag of Japan Japan

LFlag of Latvia LatviaFlag of Liechtenstein LiechtensteinFlag of Lithuania LithuaniaFlag of Lithuania Luxembourg

MFlag of Malta MaltaFlag of Monaco Monaco

NFlag of Netherlands NetherlandsFlag of New Zealand New ZealandFlag of Norway Norway

PFlag of Portugal Portugal

SFlag of San Marino San MarinoFlag of Singapore SingaporeFlag of Slovakia SlovakiaFlag of Slovenia SloveniaFlag of South Korea South KoreaFlag of Spain SpainFlag of Sweden SwedenFlag of Switzerland Switzerland

TTaiwan Taiwan

UFlag of United Kingdom United Kingdom